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Vinod Parmar
Vinod ParmarFounder & Director
Have dreams big with the small steps. “Chalo milakar kuchh karate hai.” The good narrator and have a lot of imaginary incidents to say. He has vast experience of how to plan the whole thing according to budget. Budget is the most important thing and under any circumstances can’t be wasted.
Asif Ajmeri
Asif AjmeriDirector & Writer
“Thai jashe, Kari leshu…” means yes we can do it. Let’s do it. Have quite calm and easy-going nature, full-on trust in actors and their abilities. With full of patience, he can get work from anyone. Script development, direction, Light & sound show, and a keen understanding of sounds and voice-over direction. The habit of observation of the events that take place around life is always creates something new.
Neel Bhatt
Neel BhattProduction Head
“Management Guru with silent mode.” He is the most resourceful person of our team. He has his foresight calculation of amount from where it will come and how to utilize and get proper from it. What do you want? He is always there to say “yes” will get it.
Bhargav Mehta
Bhargav MehtaMarketing Head & Brand Promoter
“Thai Jase…”
Marketing Guru with awesome tricks & ability with years of experience. He knows, how to create a real Brand & a way to promote it at rocket speed.
Hasan Akhtar
Hasan AkhtarCameraman
“Chalo ready hai?” He is the one for the overall look and visual identity, of a production. He is a combination of practical, technical, and creative expertise. Always flexible in order to adapt to ideas instantly so as to take decisions quickly.
Humayu Makrani
Humayu MakraniPoet Lyricist and writer
“Shabdo ka Jadugar!” The essence of creativity is what drives his unique combination of words. It is so much expressive and natural. He can play with the phrases.
Dharesh Shukla
Dharesh ShuklaSales Head
“Chalo ho jaye!”
He is a debonair personality with a big smile and always ready to work on something different and complicated. The main task is to easily understand, verify and put it in the market at the right price.

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